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Born from the philosophy that taking good care of your skin is not just a matter of aesthetics, but is essential for your overall health + wellbeing – our advanced formulas are designed to harness the restorative + nourishing power of botanical extracts and the natural benefits of hemp.


Achieve a balanced complexion by incorporating Sensitiva into your skincare routine. Our premium skincare products are made with all-natural botanical ingredients including hemp and plant-based, botanical extracts to target specific skin conditions including dryness, redness and reactivity, excess sebum production, and visible signs of aging.


Transdermal absorption through your skin is elevated by the moist and humid nature of bath time. Designed to become an impactful addition to your bathing routine, our line of bath care products is formulated to promote relaxation, reduce inflammation, and deliver a balanced complexion from head to toe.


Simple and effective wellness products formulated to foster & maintain optimal wellbeing. Our targeted treatments offer powerful solutions for specific wellness concerns and can be incorporated into any wellness regimen.

pet care

Hemp has the highest fatty acid profile of any plant in world, making it an essential supplement in promoting optimal wellbeing for your pet. Our hemp-derived pet care offerings include tinctures, treats, and topicals.

our process.

We have always maintained an independent approach to product research, development, and innovation. Our team of skilled artisans work out of our custom-built laboratory in Toronto – conceptualizing cutting edge products and researching and developing new formulas. We only source ingredients from the most reputable local suppliers, then combine contemporary technology with long-established apothecary practices. We pride ourselves on launching new products in response to genuine needs expressed by our community, and only after extensive research deliver original formulations of the highest quality and efficacy.