We believe that wellness is a right, not a luxury. Our mission is to make high quality CBD products readily accessible to the people in our community.

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Sensitiva has a mission to redefine the standards of CBD health & wellness products. We combine premium natural ingredients with advanced technology to create simple and effective wellness products & luxury skincare – for the modern, health-conscious individual.

health + wellness

Simple and effective wellness products formulated to foster and maintain sound health. Our targeted treatments offer powerful solutions for specific wellness concerns and can be incorporated into a regimen as needed. Heal, flourish, and achieve a balanced lifestyle through our trusted and effective CBD therapies.


Achieve a balanced complexion by incorporating CBD into your skincare routine. Our premium skincare products are made with all-natural ingredients and infused with hemp-extracted CBD to target specific skin conditions including dryness, redness & reactivity, excess sebum production, and visible signs of aging.


Transdermal absorption through your skin is elevated by the moist and humid nature of bath time. Designed to become an impactful addition to your bathing routine, our line of bath care products are formulated to promote relaxation, reduce inflammation, and help you to achieve a balanced complexion from head to toe.

pet care

As an all-natural alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals, CBD can play an important role in a vet approved plan for your dog’s health. Especially well-suited for canines with behavioral issues, and senior pets who suffer from mobility issues, persistent pain and inflammation, and chronic conditions associated with age.


An easy and convenient way to enjoy your daily dose of cannabidiol, inhaled CBD tends to enter the bloodstream faster than other forms – in as quickly as 30 seconds or less. Shop our collection of premium quality CBD vape cartridges and disposable vape pens, available in a range of delicious and therapeutic flavours.

  • How long is the sale for the balance oil?

    Balance /1000mg Image
    Balance /1000mg
    Marjorie Avatar

    I highly recommend this product! I bought a jar and used it in the shower and I was amazed at how it made my skin feel! It does keep the skin soft for 24 hrs and more! I went to purchase a couple more but the business I had bought it from closed due to covid. I am buying 4 to keep on hand for the time being. I absolutely love this. Give it a try!

    exfoliate /750mg Image
    exfoliate /750mg
    Mary Dawe Avatar
    Mary Dawe

    I purchased this to try for my 55lb Samoyed pup who has had major car anxiety. I wanted to start on the lower dose since it was our first time giving it to him.

    We put about half a dropper on a treat 30-45 min before leaving home and it worked like a charm! Within 2 days of multiple car rides, he got to a place where he now pulls me to the car and is impatient to jump in!

    We’ve been so happy with Sensitiva! We’ve told all of our Sammy friends with anxious puppers.

    Paws /500mg Image
    Paws /500mg
    Rachel Avatar
  • My knee has been giving me trouble for years. Also sciatica pain. The Elevate 4000 tincture has given me incredible relief - pain went from an 8 down to about a 2. Highly recommend for anyone experiencing pain.

    doug eickmeier Avatar
    doug eickmeier

    The relieve serum has changed my life! Before the serum, I struggled with back and neck pain regularly. Since using the serum, I've finally found a product that gives me some much needed relief!

    Alex Lovsin Avatar
    Alex Lovsin

    I am really new with CBD and since a month ago I have been using Face as part of my skincare routine, now that winter is here and the mask prevent my skin to breathe I was getting acne and redness. It is incredible how amazing my skin is looking, and how much this face moisturizer is helping me. Thank you Sensitiva I recommend there products 100000%

    Sonny Carmona Avatar
    Sonny Carmona
  • I have struggled with insomnia for many years because my anxiety would keep me up at night; after using Balance 3000, I feel relaxed and calm and I fall asleep easily. I take it 20 minutes before bed and I stay asleep all night! Such a wonderful product for anyone needing a good nights sleep!

    Sarah Lowry Avatar
    Sarah Lowry

    The scrub is amazing along with the body cream. The apres sport and relieve have been so beneficial for the hip pain i have every day. Elevate also helps with the pain. The skin care line along with the hand sanitizer are great. The hand sanitizer smells refreshing! A great quality product!

    Suzanne Jong Avatar
    Suzanne Jong

    I'm posting on behalf of my mother, who has suffered with a constant migraine for 3 years now. She has described the pain from 1 to 10, ranging from 7 - 10 in severity everyday, no breaks. She had gotten numerous tests, from numerous medical experts, and tried numerous medications and treatments, with nothing working until she tried Sensitiva CBD oil specifically. Another CBD oil brand she had tried did not work nearly as well, and made her throat burn. Sensitiva has been such a blessing to in her life. The migraine is not gone, but she finally has some relief, and says the intensity now averages between 4 - 6, rather than 7 - 10. A big improvement. If you're suffering from chronic pain or migraines I would highly recommend Sensitiva CBD oil!

    Scott Dietrich Avatar
    Scott Dietrich
  • Your Balance tincture really helps reduce the pain when my back flares up due to nerve damage - Thank You!

    Allan Marcelline Avatar
    Allan Marcelline

    Sensitiva's line of products are life changing. We have been using the 500mg Paws tincture to calm our ultra-hyper Dalmatian, and the 1000mg to relieve our large mixed breed's anxiety.Both my spouse and I swear by the Relieve Pain Serum, it's replaced several medications.Their line of products have eliminated countless other medications and vet visits.Can't recommend it enough!

    Brady VanKeulen Avatar
    Brady VanKeulen

    The best quality CBD I’ve found!

    Tillie Medland Avatar
    Tillie Medland
  • What a beautiful store! And there's no better place to go for your CBD infused products. I know the industry and you have the best quality product.

    Joe Suguitan Avatar
    Joe Suguitan

    As a self proclaimed stoner, I had never tried cannabis that didn't make me high. I thought I would give CBD a go to help me sleep, and see how it compared to vaping THC before bed. I bought the 1000mg eucalyptus mint cloud kit. I have actually started vaping during the day to calm my anxiety (global pandemic amiright) and it's amazing, really helps me calm my nerves and relax so i'm not a ball of nerves at work. Thank you, Sensitiva! You have a new customer for life! <3

    Sarah Lou Avatar
    Sarah Lou

    I am beyond obsessed with this brand and specifically their balance 2000mg product. At first I took it for the sake of it, only to see what would actually happen.It's been weeks now and I haven't gone one day without taking it. It has drastically helped with my stress and anxiety that I deal with on a daily running my businesses.Kudos to Sensitiva and all their products.

    Ahmed El Dani Avatar
    Ahmed El Dani
  • Highly recommend! I purchased the Chews for my dogs anxiety and the Balance for mine .. Both are such clean products and most definitely helped curb everyday anxious feelings. I love Sensitiva's products and stand by their brand.

    Kiersty Fairbairn Avatar
    Kiersty Fairbairn

    I met the co-founder through a mutual friend and was excited to meet him, his team, and get familiar with their products. When I found out about their grand opening, both my girlfriend and I made it a point to check it out.Her and I, like most, have been users of more traditional drugs (tylenol, advil, etc) for pain relief and over time have been witnessing the rise of CBD products and the success of their various applications. My girlfriend suffers from extremely painful and debilitating migraines, and I myself have various re-occurring knots throughout my back and neck.Naturally her and I were skeptical but decided its time we consider our options as we no longer want to simply resort to pain pills when we're sore. When we arrived at their store in Yorkville, we were immediately greeted by very friendly and knowledgeable staff which made the whole experience very pleasant. I sampled their 1000mg pain balm and within minutes a pesky knot I have in my arm was gone. I was impressed as 1) there was no odor like common topical ointments (Bengay, Tiger Balm etc) and 2) How quickly it worked.We purchased the 1500mg pain reliever roll-on and their CBD bath salt. Fast forward to 2 days later, my gf was struck by a severe migraine and so we decided to try the pain reliever roll-on. I applied it liberally to the back of her neck, temples, and sinus. The time was 6:20pm, by 6:28pm her pain reduced from a 10 to a 3...8 MINUTES!! Words cannot explain the joy and relief she felt in that moment knowing that she will no longer lose an entire day to migraines and that we finally found something that WORKED!Last but not least, the CBD bath salt was simply AMAZING. My back neck and shoulders are riddled with knots and I have a torn ACL in my left knee. After soaking in a bath with their salt, neither of us have felt so relaxed to the point where our night was a complete write-off at 7pm. We felt as relaxed as you would at some of the best spa's out there.We just cannot get over how well Sensitiva's CBD products worked on us and now, without question, have become customers for life. Thank you so much, we look forward to continuing to use your products!!

    phatel18 Avatar

    I love everything about this brand! Not only is the online experience impeccable & fast, the instore experience is even better. Beautifully curated, clean space and wonderful customer experience! Sensitiva offers the the best CBD line I have tried so far, and I have tried almost every product they have to offer and I can say with confidence, I have noticed a difference in my overall health & wellness, physically & mentally! My favorite product is the after sport roller, it helps relieve muscle pain & really works wonders! However the Hero product in my opinion is the Pain Balm which I have to my 95 year old grandfather. He lives with Chronic pain and has for years, and has been on some pretty heavy pain meds as of late. Since introducing the balm, he has noticed a significant difference in his pain, and now barely takes any pain killers. This has been a huge win for not only his physical health, but his mental health.Thank you Sensitiva !!!!

    Katie Avatar
  • Obsessed with the EXFOLIATE body scrub and FACE moisturizer (!)

    Olivia Lugarini Avatar
    Olivia Lugarini

    I have fallen in love with Sensitiva’s products. I didn’t know a lot about CBD but with the help of their wonderful team I was inspired to give it a try, and I’m totally hooked!! I have back pain, and their pain balm and epson bath salts have helped immensely. Their body cream is the first thing I put on when I get out of the shower and if I had to choose, I’d probably go with the Elevate tincture instead of my morning coffee.I hope their product line keeps expanding, because I’m running out of things to try!

    Brooke Elliott Avatar
    Brooke Elliott

    I love how I feel after I using Sensitiva products. They are natural and revitalizing. Overall amazing!!!! My new favourite is "balance", a game changer.

    Bianca eickmeier Avatar
    Bianca eickmeier
  • I was introduced to this product through a friend who has been using it for a couple months. I have recently had knee surgery and I have gotten tired of taking the same old pain meds that have made me feel unwell.I started taking the CBD 5000mg drops daily as well as using the balm and roll on stick, and the results have been amazing. It relieves the pain almost immediately and has helped with the scarring immensely. I highly recommend to anyone who has new pain or recurring.

    Matt Mountford Avatar
    Matt Mountford

    I sleep well after taking the 3000mg tincture before bed.Also the pain serum is useful for sore muscles.Great products!

    Angelo Avatar

    The apres sport muscle balm is great after a long day out on the mountain bike. Highly recommended.

    D Walsh Avatar
    D Walsh

our process.

Since Sensitiva’s inception in 2019, we have maintained a boldly independent approach to product research, development, and innovation. Our team of skilled artisans work out of our custom-built laboratory – conceptualizing cutting edge product ideas and researching and developing new formulas. We only source our ingredients from the most reputable local suppliers, then combine contemporary technology with long-established apothecary practices. We plan to launch new products only in response to genuine needs expressed by our community, and only after extensive research deliver original formulations of the highest quality and efficacy.


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