Sensitiva’s Story


Sensitiva is a new and quickly growing CBD Wellness brand based in Toronto, Ontario. Inspired by the healing power of hemp-derived CBD, Sensitiva was founded in 2019 with the goal of creating a premium CBD product line and unique retail experience designed to educate consumers, eliminate misconceptions , and bring CBD into the mainstream.

Born from a desire to help their community heal and flourish through trusted and effective CBD therapies, Sensitiva’s mission is to put an end to the stigma surrounding CBD through education, transparency, and a diverse product line that can address the needs of everyone looking for a holistic way to improve every aspect of their life.

Through years of research and trials, Sensitiva has developed the most innovative, and widest ranging CBD product line in North America – with 48 products in the wellness, skincare, personal care, bath care, and pet care categories. And their first 48 products are just the beginning! They plan to consistently release new products in response to genuine needs expressed by their community, and only after extensive research and development deliver unique formulations of the highest quality and efficacy.

Unique Attributes

Sensitiva combines the premium, all-natural ingredients with advanced production practices to create its uniquely innovative CBD product line.

They only use the highest calibre, hemp-extracted CBD isolate that is third party lab-tested for purity and consistency. Their CBD products contain 0% THC, guaranteeing a safe and consistent consumer experience, each and every time.

Their all-natural ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced with the utmost of care, and their products are non-toxic, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and formaldehyde-free.

Meticulously formulated with sensitive skin in mind, Sensitiva’s skin, body and hair care products are suitable for all skin types and genders.

Their proprietary formulas were developed to not only foster and maintain the sound health and well-being of the people in their community, but for their beloved pets as well.

To limit their carbon footprint, Sensitiva produces all of its products locally in their custom-built private production facility in the Leslieville neighborhood of downtown Toronto.

Sensitiva uses sustainable packaging that is 95% recyclable, and they are consistently striving towards more sustainable formulation, manufacturing, and packaging practices.

Focused on earned results, their product line was designed to build trust and work with the individual rather than pushing a poor-quality product with unsubstantiated promises.

They are committed to providing their customers with not only the highest-quality CBD products on the market, but the most innovative and wide-ranging product line that can allow their community to enjoy the benefits of CBD in all aspects of their lives.

Growth & Expansion

Sensitiva launched online sales in early 2020. Since then, the immense success of their CBD product line within their community led them to open two brick-and-mortar retail stores in Toronto’s liveliest and most vibrant shopping districts: Yorkville and Queen West.

Brought to life by local Toronto design duo, Grey North, Sensitiva’s two incredibly stunning, design-forward retail stores in Toronto were designed to embody the positive holistic benefits their customers feel when using Sensitiva CBD: calmness, clarity, and balance. Grey North flawlessly incorporated trowelled plaster, honed marble, and flowing organic shapes – mirroring the premium nature of Sensitiva’s product line with the cutting-edge design of their custom-built retail experiences.

Sensitiva plans to expand its retail presence across Canada, with the goal of making their all-natural CBD product line accessible to all Canadians looking for a holistic way to improve their quality of life through CBD therapy.

Experience the benefits of Sensitiva’s wellness, skincare, bath care, personal care, pet care, and vape collections. With online sales shipping Canada-wide, and two aesthetically pleasing retail stores in Toronto’s trendy Yorkville and Queen West neighborhoods – now is your opportunity to begin living a more naturally balanced life.


To learn more about more about the benefits of CBD and how it can improve your quality of life and that of your loved ones, visit or call Sensitiva in-store at:

Sensitiva Yorkville | 162 Cumberland St. (Unit 50) Toronto ON M5R 1A8 | 416-519-0671

Sensitiva Queen West | 652 Queen St. W Toronto ON M6J 1E5 | 416-519-2015