“I had been suffering with pain in my low back and hip for a couple years. After using the Relieve Pain Balm it immediately helped to lessen the pain.” – Yasmin, Osteopath


“The Après Sport Balm was amazing, really helped me relax at the end of the day. Even if it wasn’t an exercise-related ailment, and simply from sitting at my desk all day, it helped alleviate my back pain and helped me sleep.” – Kyle, Entrepreneur


“I needed something to help with the excruciating hip and back pain I have been dealing with. After the 2nd day of taking 1/2 a dropper 2 times a day of the Balance 3000mg tincture, my pain was significantly better. I would say 8/10 better. I am so grateful to have this product and recommend it with no hesitation.” – Susan, Realtor


“Molly, one of our dogs, is 14 years old and is suffering from some arthritis in her joints so much so that she has trouble with stairs. After a week of half a dropper of Paws 500mg tincture in the morning she is now able to handle stairs without much difficulty. A huge difference, I’m very impressed.” – Nigel, Photographer


I’m almost finished 1 bottle of Paws 500mg tincture for my male husky. I’m noticing such a change in his anxiety. I’ve started my 13-year-old golden on it as well. She used to pant and fall and pee herself without her Metacam, and she’s completely off Metacam now and on CBD. – Jenn, Business Owner


I’ve been fighting a mysterious skin irritation for nearly a year now. My doctors are baffled and are at a loss on how to even give me relief from this burning, itchy torture I have to deal with daily. They think it’s like a form of severe dermatitis. It’s honestly torture, it feels like my skins on fire and itchy and then it bruises after a bit because of the trauma. Today I used Sensitiva’s CBD Body moisturizer. I felt instant relief! Within 45 minutes my skin looked and felt wonderful. It actually felt so ‘normal’ I could even wear jeans and a tight top without feeling any irritation. I usually have to choose my wardrobe by feel and I wore what I wanted today because the cream allowed me a NORMAL DAY WITH NO PAIN! Honestly, I wanted to cry, it’s an indescribable feeling not wanting to rip my own skin off for the first time in 8 months. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for inventing this miracle product! I can never express what this does for me and my life. – Jowelle, Toronto


I am really new with CBD and since a month ago I have been using Face as part of my skincare routine now that winter is here and masks prevent my skin to breathe, so I was getting acne and redness. It is incredible how amazing my skin is looking, and how much this face moisturizer is helping me. Thank you Sensitiva I recommend their products 100000% – Sonny, Toronto


Highly recommend! I purchased the Chews for my dog’s anxiety and the Balance 2000mg for mine…Both are such clean products and most definitely helped curb everyday anxious feelings. I love Sensitiva’s products and stand by their brand. – Kiersty, Toronto


My knee has been giving me trouble for years. Also I suffer from sciatica pain. The Elevate 4000mg tincture has given me incredible relief – pain went from an 8 down to about a 2. Highly recommend for anyone experiencing pain. – Doug, Toronto


I have struggled with insomnia for many years because my anxiety would keep me up at night; after using Balance 3000mg tincture, I feel relaxed and calm and I fall asleep easily. I take it 20 minutes before bed and I stay asleep all night! Such a wonderful product for anyone needing a good nights sleep! – Sarah, Toronto


I have tried a number of products and have loved them all. One on my favourites is the Exfoliate body scrub. It leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth.  The Puff vape is great too for anxiety!– Barb, Toronto


I have used a few of these products and have gotten relief from pain and a deeper sleep.

I must say my father-in-law has had incredible pain reduction and increased mobility in his arms! To see the relief he has gotten is amazing! – Brenda, Cobourg


I suffer from back pain and I have tried everything imaginable to make the pain stop. The Relieve Serum pain roller has been my saving grace, the reason I am able to function and the reason I am able to sleep at night. I would recommend that anyone who wants to feel better in any area of their life (mentally, spiritually or physically) try out the products available. I look forward to seeing what else is in store from this brand and will continue to shout my praises from the rooftop for real pain management. – Nadia, Toronto


I’m posting on behalf of my mother, who has suffered with a constant migraine for 3 years now. She has described the pain from 1 to 10,  ranging from 7 – 10 in severity every day, no breaks. She had gotten numerous tests, from numerous medical experts, and tried numerous medications and treatments, with nothing working until she tried Sensitiva CBD oil specifically [Elevate 4000mg]. Another CBD oil brand she had tried did not work nearly as well, and made her throat burn. Sensitiva has been such a blessing to in her life. The migraine is not gone, but she finally has some relief, and says the intensity now averages between 4 – 6, rather than 7 – 10. A big improvement. If you’re suffering from chronic pain or migraines I would highly recommend Sensitiva CBD oil! – Scott, Toronto


wonderful team I was inspired to give it a try, and I’m totally hooked!! I have back pain, and their Relieve Balm and Soak Epsom bath salt salts have helped immensely. Their Body cream is the first thing I put on when I get out of the shower and if I had to choose, I’d probably go with the Elevate 5000mg tincture instead of my morning coffee. I hope their product line keeps expanding, because I’m running out of things to try! – Brooke, Toronto


The Relieve Serum has changed my life! Before the serum, I struggled with back and neck pain regularly. Since using the serum, I’ve finally found a product that gives me some much-needed relief! – Alex L, Toronto


Quality products and excellent service. I suffer from back pain that causes me constant discomfort. After a few days of using the CBD Relieve Balm I noticed an immediate difference.  The pain was less and I was able to continue my daily tasks without the interruption. I’m very excited to try more, especially their offering for pets. – Nav, Toronto


Sensitiva’s line of products are life changing. We have been using the Paws 500mg tincture to calm our ultra-hyper Dalmatian, and the Paws 1000mg to relieve our large mixed breed’s anxiety. Both my spouse and I swear by the Relieve Serum for pain, it’s replaced several medications. Their line of products have eliminated countless other medications and vet visits.

Can’t recommend it enough! – Brady V, Calgary


I am really enjoying the Elevate 4000mg tincture. It has greatly helped me and fits into my regime well. It has helped with my anxiety immensely and I would recommend it. I am looking forward to trying other products. – Nicola M, Toronto


The Exfoliate scrub is amazing along with the Body cream.  The Après Sport Balm and Relieve Balm have been so beneficial for the hip pain I have every day. Elevate 4000mg also helps with the pain. The skin care line along with the Protect hand sanitizer are great.  The hand sanitizer smells refreshing! A great quality product! – Suzann J, Toronto


I was introduced to this product through a friend who has been using it for a couple months. I have recently had knee surgery and I have gotten tired of taking the same old pain meds that have made me feel unwell. I started taking the CBD Elevate 5000mg drops daily as well as using the Relieve Balm and Relieve Serum roll on stick, and the results have been amazing. It relieves the pain almost immediately and has helped with the scarring immensely. I highly recommend to anyone who has new pain or recurring. – Matt M, Toronto


The Après Sport muscle balm is great after a long day out on the mountain bike. Highly recommended. – David W, Toronto


I sleep well after taking the Balance 3000mg tincture before bed. Also the Relieve Serum for pain is useful for sore muscles. Great products! – Angelo, Toronto


I am beyond obsessed with this brand and specifically their Balance 2000mg product. At first I took it for the sake of it, only to see what would actually happen. It’s been weeks now and I haven’t gone one day without taking it. It has drastically helped with my stress and anxiety that I deal with on a daily running my businesses. Kudos to Sensitiva and all their products. – Ahmed E, Toronto


Product works wonderfully. Quick shipping. Has helped my father’s arthritis greatly. – Blaine B, Toronto


These are the first CBD products that have really helped. I have tried several different types and this brand has helped relieve multiple symptoms including; chronic back and neck pain, headaches, migraines and anxiety. I highly recommend these products. – Holly W, Toronto


I love everything about this brand! Not only is the online experience impeccable & fast, the instore experience is even better. Beautifully curated, clean space and wonderful customer experience! Sensitiva offers the best CBD line I have tried so far, and I have tried almost every product they have to offer and I can say with confidence, I have noticed a difference in my overall health & wellness, physically & mentally! My favorite product is the Après Sport Serum roller, it helps relieve muscle pain & really works wonders!  However the Hero product in my opinion is theRelieve Balm for pain, which I gave to my 95 year old grandfather. He lives with chronic pain and has for years, and has been on some pretty heavy pain meds as of late. Since introducing the balm, he has noticed a significant difference in his pain, and now barely takes any pain killers. This has been a huge win for not only his physical health, but his mental health. Thank you Sensitiva !!!! – Katherine G, Toronto


“I woke up in the morning with a very swollen eye. So much so that it was difficult to open my eye. After consulting with my doctor on a virtual appointment, it was diagnosed as a Chalazion (small, slow-growing lump or cyst that develops when a meibomian gland at the edge of the eyelid becomes blocked and inflamed). Within about an hour after taking 4 droppers of Elevate 4000mg tincture, the swelling and redness went down SIGNIFICANTLY. Highly recommend Sensitiva’s CBD to help with swelling and inflammation. – Jennifer, Toronto


As a self proclaimed stoner, I had never tried cannabis that didn’t make me high. I thought I would give CBD a go to help me sleep, and see how it compared to vaping THC before bed. I bought the 1000mg Eucalyptus Mint Cloud Kitvape. I have actually started vaping during the day to calm my anxiety (global pandemic amiright) and it’s amazing, really helps me calm my nerves and relax so I’m not a ball of nerves at work. Thank you, Sensitiva! You have a new customer for life! <3 – Sarah L, Toronto


My girlfriend suffers from extremely painful and debilitating migraines, and I myself have various re-occurring knots throughout my back and neck. Naturally her and I were skeptical but decided it’s time we consider our options as we no longer want to simply resort to pain pills when we’re sore. When we arrived at their store in Yorkville, we were immediately greeted by very friendly and knowledgeable staff which made the whole experience very pleasant. I sampled their 1000mg Après Sport Balm and within minutes a pesky knot I have in my arm was gone. I was impressed as 1) there was no odor like common topical ointments (Bengay, Tiger Balm etc) and 2) How quickly it worked. We purchased the 1500mg Relieve Serum pain roll-on and their CBD Soak bath salt. Fast forward to 2 days later, my gf was struck by a severe migraine and so we decided to try the pain reliever roll-on. I applied it liberally to the back of her neck, temples, and sinus. The time was 6:20pm, by 6:28pm her pain reduced from a 10 to a 3…8 MINUTES!! Words cannot explain the joy and relief she felt in that moment knowing that she will no longer lose an entire day to migraines and that we finally found something that WORKED! Last but not least, the CBD bath salt was simply AMAZING. My back neck and shoulders are riddled with knots and I have a torn ACL in my left knee. After soaking in a bath with their salt, neither of us have felt so relaxed to the point where our night was a complete write-off at 7pm. We felt as relaxed as you would at some of the best spa’s out there. We just cannot get over how well Sensitiva’s CBD products worked on us and now, without question, have become customers for life. Thank you so much, we look forward to continuing to use your products!! – Phatel, Toronto


Your Balance 3000mg tincture really helps reduce the pain when my back flares up due to nerve damage – Thank You! – Allan, Collingwood


Highly recommend Sensitiva’s Elevate 5000mg tincture. A dropper a day keeps the anxiety away 😉 – Annie M, Wasaga Beach


Unfortunately gout runs in my family, and despite my age (I’m only 35) I get gout attacks a few times a year on my ankle. For anyone who gets gout, you know how incredibly painful this is. Even the weight of a bed sheet on top of the affected area is excruciating. I tried the strongest dosage tincture the Elevate 5000mg, and macro-dosed it during my recent attack. The pain and swelling went down almost immediately, and the next day I could walk again with hardly any pain. Usually I’m on crutches for at least a week! I’m blown away by these results. – Denis, Toronto